To date - august 2016 - Belmont has published 2,600 verses of scripture in Common Metre that we may assimilate the content of the Word of God in poetic form and that we might sing, reverently and acceptably, in worship to God and the Father in spirit and in truth. This is an ongoing project and, in the Lord's will, Belmont will seek to publish more, as enabled and as other work allows.

Belmont is aware of other publications and seeks neither to repeat, nor to compete with, what has been achieved by others; however, in the versing of entire books of scripture there will, inevitably, be some degree of overlap.

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Songs of the Witnesses    Kata Isaiah               Apokalupsis                 en Huios            The Patience of Job

    (Various portions)               (Isaiah chs 40-66)        (The Entire Apocalypse)    (The Whole of Hebrews)   (All of the Discourses}

   Kata Isaiah    Apokalupsis    en Huios