The Author

Nigel Johnstone
Nigel Johnstone was born and brought up in the far north of Scotland and lived for ten years in the city of Glasgow. Converted and baptised at seventeen, he left Scotland at the age of eighteen in order to be under the best ministry he could find, spent his adult, working life in the south of England and is now semi-retired, being sixty five years old in 2016. Nigel resides in Worcestershire, England.
His testimony, written at the age of twenty one in 1972, was published by the John Metcalfe Publishing Trust in 1991 in the first edition of "Present Day Conversions of the New Testament Kind" which was in print for several years. Now, this same testimony is available, here, as a download, from Belmont. Nigel stands by what he wrote, forty five years ago.

Nigel's quest is for a return to the purity of the doctrine of Christ as it was, originally, delivered by Jesus Christ through his chosen, twelve apostles.
More information of a personal nature regarding Nigel's education, work and qualifications is on the Personal page.


 "As Showers on Grass"
My doctrine shall as rain drop down;
as dew shall rest my speech.
As small rain lights on tender herb;
as showers on grass, I teach.
Versed from Deuteronomy 32: 2 by NJ.