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Only Begotten

The Only Begotten Son of God

Historic attacks against the Gospel of Jesus Christ are
conspicuous by the ferocity with which they attack, firstly,
the Deity of Jesus Christ and his person and then, secondly.
they attack Justification by Faith.

The subtle attack launched in modern times against the
relationship between Father and Son is, in this particular
book, examined in detail. It is the disagreement with the
translation of monogenes as 'begotten' favouring a vague
concept of 'one of a kind' or 'unique', which is what the
prefix 'monos' means, in itself.

To ignore or to trivialise the meaning of the suffix of the
word 'monogenes' does despite to the written revelation
of the relationship between Father and Son, as recorded 
in the apostolic writings in the Greek language.

Within the pages of this book, this error is exposed for
what it attempts to do and its illogicality is examined.

A5 - 34 pages.

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nigel johnstone,
8 Oct 2020, 08:33