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Kata Isaiah

In Progress

[at time of writing, 1st october 2013]

Isaiah has been called, "The Gospel According to Isaiah", filled, as the book is, with portents of Messiah, views of blessings to come and with the judgments necessary to bring in all that is for the Lord in an everlasting testament.

Thus "Kata", in keeping with the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which are thus headed. Not just "according to" for the words indicate more. "Down from above and through..." is closer.

The son of Amoz writes with a broader Hebrew vocabulary than any other prophet. His ministry stretches over at least fifty years, and more. He is extremely well informed, not only of what is contemporary in Israel, but of much of what is happening in the nations surrounding the land.

Chapters 40 to 66 are being versed with a view to providing a poetic version in the English language which can be read as poetry or may be sung.