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The Burden of Sins

The Burden of Sins
A very necessary addition to the preceding titles, this book covers the words used in Hebrew and Greek relating to sins, the burden of sins, and the bearing of sins.
The words of Jesus in Luke 4:18 are examined in detail to show what he regarded as the burden of sins; to show what he regarded as the remedy in the matter and to show what God, himself, did about this burden, in the place called Golgotha and within the burdened soul.
Much is spoken of this in religious circles, but it is evident that there exists a great deal of ignorance and confusion. The result is that much sentiment is spoken but little genuine understanding is given of what is involved. The Hebrew words and the Greek words used in holy scripture are here highlighted that they might have their proper place in the doctrine of Christ.
Available now.     A5 115 pages.

Kaphar - The Hand of God

This section from the main book has been made available separately. Here is explained, in clear logic, the meanings associated with the diverse group of Hebrew words relating to what has been called "atonement" - so crucial to the understanding of this concept in the Hebrew scriptures.

A5 55 pages. £2 +pp.