Songs of the Witnesses

After the Last Supper and before going out to the Mount of Olives, Jesus sang an hymn with his disciples. There can be no doubt that what Jesus sang was in keeping with all the words he spoke. Paul the apostle encourages the singing of psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. 

Here, in the "Songs of the Witnesses", in accurate biblical form, are Solomon's Song of Songs, Jeremiah's Lamentations, Jacob's Few Words, Hannah's Joy, Samson's Conflict, Deborah's Duet, Wisdom's Call and Wisdom's Cry, Death's Disappearance, Salem's Comfort and Isaiah's Gospel and more.

Deep, sombre laments; trilling praise; jubilant shouts of exaltation; passionate expressions from the depths of the soul; all are here, expressed by a great cloud of witnesses.

Wherefore, since we are compassed round
with witnesses diverse;
with such a cloud who went before;
who walked in faithfulness.

Let us aside lay every weight,
to run our given race;
and lay aside sin which besets,
perceiving but one face.

Song 1, verses 1 and 2.

500 verses in 24 songs; 132 pages.      
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