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Main Hall, Lyttelton Well, Malvern
The lectures are progressive and it is suggested they be viewed in the order in which they were delivered.
1. What is Sin ?
2. What is Life ?
3. What is Law ?
4. What is Repentance ?
5. The Baptism of Repentance.
6. The Strait Gate.
7. The Lamb of God.
 Upton Hall, Upton on Severn
 This lecture, 'Faith and Science' is in
response to the 'Science and Faith' event held in Malvern which Belmont chose not to support. Faith comes first.


Introduction to First English Verses
Two videos are presented here as introductions to the first available versed version in the English language of the Lamentations of Jeremiah and to the first available versed version in the English language of the Song of Songs which is Solomon's.
These two videos contain personal comments by Nigel about his own spiritual path and his reasons for publishing.

Kestrel on Malvern Hills.
Photo by NJ.

'Three Minute' Sermons

These are short, introductory, 'sermons' which are especially produced for display on Youtube to a worldwide audience.

1. The Ten Commnandments

2. Sin

3. Righteousness

4. Redemption

5. 'Forgiveness'

6. 'Reconciliation'

7. Repentance

8. The Gospel

Arrested for Preaching the Gospel

There are many videos on YouTube
which publicise arrests made in
the context of public preaching.
This is Belmont's account of one
such arrest.