Belmont recommends protection and
 control  whilst using the Internet.

 There  are a number of ways of
 controlling visible content and six
 of them are described, here.

All of these are free of charge and are
 quite simple to implement.

1. Family Filter

Internet Providers which provide hardware and internet connection offer controlled content by way of a filter. In the UK, this is obligatory and in the UK the customer has to initiate removal of the filter. We recommend that it is not removed.

2. OpenDNS

This free service provides access to a DNS system which presently controls 2% of the traffic on the global internet. By simply inserting the address of OpenDNS into the router, one will be automatically routed into a system that is already heavily protected both for content and against attack.

Click here for OpenDNS.

3. BleachBit

BleachBit is a simple system designed to delete material from various parts of a computer. The system was mentioned in The Senate in connection with the deletion of emails. Using it regularly to eliminate personal information from one's browser reduces one's profile on the Internet and vastly reduces the occurrence of junk mail.

Click here for BleachBit

4. Blue Coat K9 

Blue Coat offer a free system which provides a high degree of protection from undesirable content. It has several levels of control; it monitors traffic and shows usage; and it has a facility to add control to specific sites.

Click here for Blue Coat K9.

There is an issue with K9 and Avast, the free AntiVirus system. 
In the Avast Consol, turn off 'web shield'. Blue Coat will then be providing shielding, rather than Avast.

5. AdBlocker

This free service is open source and easily set up.

Click here for AdBlocker.

6. Windows

Start - Control Panel - System and Security - User Accounts and Family Safety - Parental Controls - Windows Live Family Safety.
(This refers to Windows 7, specifically.)

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