The Word
The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those that published it, Psalm 68:11. Did we not believe this of what we publish, we would not presume to do anything of ourselves. If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God. Else, let him not speak.

The only reference books used in writing Belmont's Publications are the Authorised Version of the Holy Bible,Tyndale's New Testament, Wycliffe's New Testament, Young's Analytical Concordance, Young's Literal Translation of the Bible and The Englishman's Greek New Testament containing the Received Text - the Textus Receptus - from Stephens 1550. Rarely, when absolutely necessary, Liddel and Scott is consulted.

Several paperback books were printed by Aldine Print, Malvern 01684 562 786; versed booklets by Washington Printers, Cheltenham 01242 227 164; paperback Songs by ILF, Gloucester, 01452 751 900; tracts and booklets have been printed and bound by Belmont. Advertising material was printed  by The Print Room, Malvern, 01684 311 664 and by Reeves Design, Malvern, 01684 07811 387 942.

During 2013, The Burden of Sins, Knowledge and Life, and Light and Life have been printed by Aspect Design, Malvern 01684 561 567 with the advice and help of Mr Allan Smith and his wife.
Further books, during late 2013/early 2014, have all been printed by Mr and Mrs Smith at Aspect design: Kata Isaiah, A6 size Songs of the Witnesses, Knowledge and Gatherings, A Serious Examination of the Westminster Confession, Crucified, Faith and Science and The Testing of Pillars. All subsequent books produced during 2014 have also been printed by Aspect design.

Angela Sutton, current [2013] Chairman of the Birmingham Society of bookbinders, has given tuition, through Malvern College, in traditional methods of bookbinding and these methods are being put to use, as necessary, to produce saddle-stitched booklets, hand sewn booklets and case-bound hard backed books.

Location for Study
During 2012, facilities were made available, in exchange for a donation, at a local college. From Spring 2013, permission has been granted to use, without charge, when necessary, a building which was originally raised up by the local subscription of Malvern residents. All writing during late 2013 and the whole of 2014 has been done in Upton upon Severn in Worcestershire.

All of the artwork here and on book covers is done by Belmont, which owns the copyright to all photographs used on the website, the books and the greetings cards, except for 'The Testing of Pillars' whose cover images were already in the public domain. Malvern has been the location for most of the photos. The cover of "Redemption and Restoration" was taken in the evening at Cym Tydu, a cove in Pembrokeshire where seals rear their pups in a cave which is in the photo but not visible in the lighting. It is pronounced "Coom Tiddy". The cover of "The Glory of the Lord" was taken in Gloucester at daybreak during a security night shift.The cover for 'Apokalupsis' was taken in the evening of another overnight shift in Winchcombe in the Cotswolds. The cover for 'Kata Isaiah' shows the Upper Ham in Upton after a shower. The cover for 'The Queen's Bishop' is a photograph of British Museum replicas of the Lewis chess pieces owned by Nigel.


Artwork and layouts are done in-house by Belmont.


Submissions of Annual Return and of Company Accounts, required by Companies House; and online submissions of the CT600, as required by the Revenue; are carried out in-house by Belmont without the assistance of an accountant.These submissions are required by law and are overseen by the proper authorities.

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