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The Knowledge of God

"The Knowledge of God and the Gatherings of Men"

This booklet consists of eleven letters written during 2012 and early 2013. These letters face, firstly, three issues of doctrine essential to the knowledge of God - The Person of Christ, the everlasting Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ; and the Righteousness of God.

Eight further letters cover matters of the church. Preaching, prayer, singing, fellowship, discipline, gathering, ministry, oversight, exclusion and authority are all faced in situations
where these matters have been misunderstood. Within these letters, it becomes clear that the gatherings of men and their relationships one with another are, always, in the context of
the old covenant and the New Testament.

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Additions to "The Knowledge of God".

This document is ongoing. Further correspondence will be added as we are able. In the meantime, the additions are here. They can be viewed, downloaded or requested as opposite.

An answer regarding the righteousness of God.
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A reply to Mr Lacey of Woodgreen Evangelical Church regarding his response to an enquiry concerning doctrine.
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