Redemption and Restoration

Redemption and Restoration
Redemption is a word oft used but little understood.
"Reconciliation" is an English word which does not properly translate the Greek words in scripture.
Here, the words actually used by the Apostles, in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, are examined to clarify the truth which we must understand that we might believe, intelligently, on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.
Patiently and logically, the concepts conveyed by the Apostles are displayed, step by step, showing how words have actually been used by the Holy Spirit in order that we might rightly perceive the truth.
The three concepts of Redemption are covered; the two words used in Hebrew are explained; and the two groups of words in Greek are explored in detail.
In the second half of the book, the three progressive words used by the Apostle Paul in regard to "Reconciliaton" are proved to be other than has previously been supposed.
A5 Paperback 126 pages.