Paul expresses in his Galatian epistle,
 'I am crucified with Christ'.

In order to gain an understanding of what Paul means by this,
first, the writer of these words is considered - he who was,
originally, Saul of Tarsus - and also his experience
of the inward working of the law is examined.

Some would quote these words of Paul, but would do so
insincerely, thereby abusing the gospel. Thus Section Two
covers such abuse under three headings; the abuse of 'forgiveness'; the abuse of 'righteousness'; and the denial
 of all righteousness.

Lastly, the doctrine pertaining to Paul's words is examined in relation to the gospel which he, himself, preached.

Some of Section Two is here available, freely.

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nigel johnstone,
31 Jan 2014, 01:47