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General Data Protection Regulation

Belmont takes serious active measures in order to responsibly protect
 the  Personal Data of individuals using Belmont's services.

All such matters are fully transparent and anyone may request
a detailed account of procedures at any time. Such requests
will be dealt with immediately and without delay.

There is no requirement for personal identification. Books can be
 supplied simply to 'the occupier' of an address.

Belmont does not keep, and has no need to keep, records of the identities of persons.

The only records kept by Belmont are numerical
records necessary to furnish valid accounts to HMRC
and to Companies House for legal and regulatory purposes.

Belmont does not canvas the public for donations.
Belmont does not have an address list of any kind.

If an individual enters into correspondence with Nigel Johnstone,
at his home address, regarding the spiritual content of books,
 then that becomes a personal matter and such personal
 correspondence is not regarded as being subject to
 GDPR considerations.

NIgel Johnstone
Belmont Publications Ltd.