Belmont Publications is a Private Limited Company registered at Companies House, UK, under the number 7790621. Nigel Johnstone is the sole Director.

The Company takes its name from Belmont Road in Uxbridge where Nigel first gathered, in a private house, in 1968 at the age of sixteen, with those who sought to continue, steadfast, in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship and breaking of bread and prayers.
Acts 2: 22.

The Limited Company owns published and printed material but does not own the intellectual copyright of the content, which remains within the personal copyright of the author.

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Give ear, O heav'ns and I will speak;
to me, do thou give ear.
And hearken unto me, O earth;
to me, do thou draw near.
For I'll the LORD's name publish wide;
His Name I'll spread abroad.
O ! heav'n and earth, do ye ascribe
all greatness to our God !
Alone he is the rock. His work
is perfect; all his ways
are judgment; without sin is he.
A God of truth, he stays.
Deuteronomy 32:1-4
Versed by NJ.

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