The entire book of the Revelation is here presented in
common metre so that it may be read as poetry
or portions sung in worship. The literal translation of
the original Greek of the Received Text has been 
put into verse retaining, as far as can be achieved,
the exactitude of the words of the apostle John.

1 Apocalypse of Jesus Christ
which God to him did grace
to show to servants, his, what things
must soon, in time, take place;

2 and signified it, having sent,
by messenger’s own hand,
unto his servant John who did
then testimony lend;

3 who testified the word of God,
and that which witness bore
to Jesus Christ, and to those things
which his eyes saw, afore.

4 Bless’d be he that doth read these words,
and they that also hear
the words of this same prophecy
and keep them, for time’s near.

5 John, to those seven churches called
from out of Asia’s place,
        from him who is, who was, who comes,
be grace to you and peace.
6 And from the seven spirits which
are e’er before his throne;
and Jesus Christ, the witness true,
from dead which is first born -

7 the Ruler of the kings of earth.
To him who hath us loved,
who hath us washed from all our sins
in his own, once shed, blood,

8 to God, unto his Father, he,
did kings, priests make us then.
To him, the glory and the might,
to ages’ age - Amen