"Righteousness - in account ?"

Righteousness - in account ?

It has been said that, upon the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ, righteousness was 'in account' on behalf of others.

Is it true that righteousness may be 'in account' ?

Is that what the scriptures actually teach ?

Is righteousness such a thing that it may be held, in account,
on behalf of those who shall, in the future, be beneficiaries
of this credited item ?

This book examines in detail the wording of the scripture:
in particular, the two words translated 'righteousness' are
explored and the wording of the important phrase relating
to Abraham : kai elogisthe autw eis dikaiosunen.

Such is the momentous importance of Justification by 
Faith that it is necessary to be extremely accurate in
the words that are used to convey the truth of it.